I contacted Long Island University once again to find out who wanted the domain name LongIslandUniversity.com 
donated. I spoke to a woman in Public Relations, Rachel 
who finally understood the aspect of getting it to their IT department to use as a website or for a forward or stand alone website. 
I told Rachel that someone is using 
LongIslandUniversity.org  as a retail money making site and should be removed from the internet, as it could also be used as a right wing slander site. 
Hopefully Rachel is able to get to the right party so that it can be properly donated. I am glad I was able to contact you, as I periodically scan the thousands of names for slander sites or improper use of charitable sites, such as LIU, and happy that you understood to not use it for retail, as it is also coincidental that I went to Post College when It was just opened circa 1960.
I will put in my e address again, as well as phone number.

contact Russell Karaviotis, Sr. at karavasx@icloud.com
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