is in the process of being transferred to Long Island University.
Please stop, and do not send in solicitations to purchase this domain name, it is for a 501c3 corporation and not for retail use, and not for sale. 
Attention Matthew Blanar;
Matthew, I had spoken to Sydney, the other day to contact you regarding the donation of the original internet domain name registered in 1999. LongIslandUniversity.com
The donor, had asked me to follow up so that the University could have their own name. LongIslandUniversity.com and for the specific reason that someone is using
for retail purposes, making money off of the back of L.I.U. The registration fees have been paid up for the next 6 years, and I can send over via e mail and then snail mail the only form necessary for transfer of legal ownership, the IRS 8283 form, showing it is a donation and not a sale. I went to the C.W. Post campus way back in 59' through around 64' or so, as I had the Jaguar Dealership in Brookville way back then.
Russell Karaviotis    russell@zykar.com 808 344 0600